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We strive to offer a personal and professional touch at Shallowford Smiles.  We offer a free CBCT($497 value 3D X-ray) to determine if you are a candidate and to discuss your options.  Exam cost is $97(free if the 3D X-ray shows that you are not a candidate), but is credited to your treatment if you move forward with us 🙂


Implant Retained Dentures

Implants are placed, allowed to heal for 4 months, and then your dentures are attached.

  • Smile With Confidence
  • No Palate on the Top Once Implants are Attached
  • No More Glue or Paste
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Easy to Repair if and when Life Happens
  • Highest Satisfaction Rating Out of All Options

The Process

At this appointment we will be placing the implants into your bone.  Most people choose conscious sedation for this, which allows them to have a much more pleasant experience.  We will make sure you are comfortable and then prepare the bone.  We typically place 4 implants on top and 4 implants on bottom.  2 implants on bottom are acceptable, but the denture will rock much more with only 2 implants, but will still be retentive, so they won't fall out.  The implants and healing cap will be placed below the level of bone, so you can still wear your current dentures.  Sutures will be placed as well, and we will remove them at 2 weeks if they haven't come out on their own.  You will need a driver for this appointment if you choose conscious sedation.

We like to see patients at 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months post-implant placement, at the minimum.  Denture adjustments are common as the tissue does change slightly because of the surgery.  Sutures will be removed at 2 weeks and we will be taking x-rays and doing exams to determine how well you are recovering.  Most people require 4 months for the implants to fully heal, but some require 6 months.  These post-op appointments will help us determine when to uncover the implants. 

Because the implants have been placed below the bone and gum, we will have to uncover them.  Most people choose not to have sedation, but it is still an option for this appointment.  We will numb your gums and use a laser or uncover the implants with other means.  We will remove the flat healing cap that is on top of the implant and place longer ones that will stick through the gum.  We will also adjust your denture so you can still wear them over the healing caps.  It will take approximately 2 weeks for the tissue to heal before we can attach the denture to the implants.

This is typically a morning and afternoon appointment, and the only time you will be without your denture as it is being processed to attach to the implants.  Because the healing caps are sticking through the gum now, we typically don't have to numb you.  The healing caps will be unscrewed, which is an odd sensation, but not painful, and permanent implant abutments will be placed.  Your denture will be adjusted around those abutments and a cap will be placed in your denture that attaches to the abutment.  A reline will be done that "picks-up" the attachments, and the lab will process your denture.  We will deliver the denture in the afternoon.  If you had an upper denture, the palate will be removed.  THIS ENTIRE PROCESS WILL CAUSE SORE SPOTS TEMPRARILY.  Because the denture won't be moving, sore spots will get generated.  Post-op appointments will be necessary.  Retention is also kept low for comfort.  It will be increased.

Adjustments are necessary and a normal part of the process after.  Because the denture is more securely attached, the gums will get irritated for a bit.  This will settle down and is a normal part of the process.  Make sure to wear your denture for 24 hours before coming to adjustment appointments, as this allows the sore spot to be visible.  Retention can often be increased within a week, but is best left for after the sore spots slow down.  The o-rings/inserts will wear out between 6 months and 2 years, and will need to be replaced, but this is a very easy procedure.

See What Our Patients Have to Say:

Clinton Gipson
Clinton Gipson
May 6, 2023
Shallowford Smiles, and it's entire staff have taken tremendous care of me, my friends, and family for many, many years now. Great people, providing first rate services... I never hesitate to recommend these guys to anyone in need of the best kind of dental care.
Anita Houston
Anita Houston
May 4, 2023
They did a wonderful job and really mean that from the bottom of my heart friendly service with a smile 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sheena Grove
Sheena Grove
May 4, 2023
So friendly and helpful.
Gloria Hickman
Gloria Hickman
May 3, 2023
FRED Stewart
FRED Stewart
May 2, 2023
Always Courtious and efficient!
Jerry Toler
Jerry Toler
April 27, 2023
They are the best of what they do
Jenny Mcmahon
Jenny Mcmahon
April 20, 2023
Always thoughtful taking his time! Thank you!
Letricia Mayweather
Letricia Mayweather
April 19, 2023
The staff were really friendly and caring. The dentist was very professional and nice and comforting in my anxiety. Will recommend to other people!! Only problem is there payment options. There is none other than care credit
Steve Dohrn
Steve Dohrn
March 30, 2023
Friendly people. great service and reliable dental care.

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2 Implant Retained Denture

This includes the cost of 2 implants, the abutments, the attachments, and the implant retained denture.

4 Implant Retained Denture

This includes the cost of 4 implants, the abutments, the attachments, and the implant retained denture.

Replacement Inserts/O-rings

There are o-ring like devices, inside the housings of the implant retained denture, that, every 6 months to 2 years, have to be replaced.  Pricing is for per insert, so for 4, it would be $100.


Besides Cash, Check and Card, we also offer 3 different options for 3rd Party Financing.  Care Credit, Alphaeon Credit, and Proceed Finance are the three options we offer.  Please feel free to click on the names of each if you would like to explore those offers, or please reach out to us if you have any questions.


We are in network with Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Metlife.  We do accept all other major PPO plans, but we are not in network with any DMO style plans or TennCare.


The total process, without extractions, is 5-7 months total.  Implants take 4-6 months to heal in the bone after being placed.  At the 4-6 month mark we will uncover the implants and allow an additional 2 weeks for the gum to heal.  Then we will attach your denture to the implants.  Extractions add 3-4 months of healing time on occasion if teeth are in the locations where we would place implants. These timelines are not guarantees, just a guideline.


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